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3.71 A surprisingly large number of those who attended the detainee forum I organised had been detained because of allegedly sham marriages. Most had been detained after Home Office interviews in Liverpool or Manchester. The questions they said they had been asked by caseworkers to ascertain whether their marriage was a sham included their knowledge of their wife’s National Insurance number, the colour of her underwear, and her bra size. If this was indeed the case, it is questionable whether such questions were either appropriate or useful. 

Les musulmanes qui ne maîtrisent pas suffisamment l'anglais pourraient être expulsées du Royaume-Uni, a mis en garde lundi le premier ministre David Cameron, justifiant sa menace par la lutte contre la ségrégation sexuelle.

David Cameron has been accused of stigmatising Muslim women after he announced plans to help them learn English and warned that migrant spouses who fail language tests may have to leave the UK.
Announcing the plans on Monday, the prime minister suggested the language classes for Muslim women could help stop radicalisation.

Britain yesterday began the process of deporting migrants camped at a British military base in Cyprus, triggering the threat of a mass hunger strike. Members of the group, which crossed the Mediterranean from Lebanon on two small boats almost three weeks ago, were warned in a letter that they would be returned to Beirut because they had chosen not to claim asylum in Cyprus.

Britain is to spend almost half a billion pounds to stem the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean. Ministers will announce £275 million of funding today to help Turkish officials deal with hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees over the next two years, as a two-day global summit on the crisis closes in Malta. At a working dinner in Valletta last night, David Cameron also pledged to use £200 million of British aid money to help African countries tackle migration.

David Cameron is to insist that EU migrants working in Britain are banned from claiming in-work benefits for four years as part of the UK’s new relationship with Brussels. The prime minister said he still wanted the controversial reform to be part of Britain’s new relationship with the EU, despite major difficulties in securing the move.

United Kingdom's Immigration Laws Timeline

Stepping up European attempts to clear away hundreds of thousands of migrants whose asylum claims have been denied, E.U. leaders early Friday bolstered the powers of the pan-E.U. border agency to deport people.

Le capitalisme avancé est caractérisée par un niveau de production symbolique qui non seulement entraîne une dématérialisation du travail, mais repose de plus en plus sur des composantes hautement émotionnelles, allant du désir de la consommation à la gestion de la main-d'œuvre. Des sentiments aussi variés que l'amour, la colère, et le désir sont parties intégrantes des processus néolibérales, mais pas d'une manière sans problèmes et monolithique.

Cet article examine le traitement des «mariages de complaisance» ou «mariages blancs» en droit de l'immigration au Royaume-Uni. Ces mesures impliquent inévitablement un degré moral et culturel de barrière de protection, les décideurs étant tenus de mesurer le simulacre de mariage présumée face au modèle d'une relation «authentique». Cependant, le document fait valoir que la fonction de ces mesures a souvent été de renforcer la capacité d'exclure ou supprimer des immigrants indésirables.


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