In July, 29 members of Congress sent a letter to the Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement branch urging them to halt the planned expansion of the controversial, privately run Adelanto Detention Facility in California. The letter also called for an independent investigation into allegations of systemic medical neglect and abuse there, which an ICE internal watchdog alleged to have contributed to the death of at least one detainee.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said Wednesday that a refugee crisis was looming in Central and North America as people flee unchecked gang violence in parts of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. “The dramatic refugee crises we are witnessing in the world today are not confined to the Middle East or Africa,” the high commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, said in Washington.

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On deadline to improve immigrant family detention centers, Obama administration officials said they had converted the facilities into short-term processing sites, holding more families in recent months but for less time. Immigrant advocates, however, say that conditions at the centers remain prison-like, with inadequate medical and legal services, despite a federal judge's orders. 

As policymakers address these questions, it is worth reviewing some key facts about refugee resettlement in the United States that have often been overlooked in current debates. This fact sheet, drawn from recent Migration Policy Institute (MPI) research, analysis of U.S. government policies, and other sources, covers key questions such as refugee benefits use, employment, and educational attainment; the screening that would-be refugees have to go through before admission; and the likely integration picture for Syrian refugees.

"Four Honduran teenage boys are missing after they ran away from a federally funded shelter in Tucson this month, sparking concern among both conservative and liberal critics of the system for housing immigrant youths. Both sides say the program needs more oversight and transparency."

With a significant slowdown in the surge of migrants streaming across the Southwest border, it stands to reason that the number of deaths among those braving the crippling heat of Arizona’s desert frontier with Mexico would also decline. But it didn't. In fact, even more people died attempting the perilous crossing: 117 bodies have been recovered along migration routes in southern Arizona since Jan. 1, compared with 108 bodies during the same period last year. What happened?

Dans cet article, Kerry Abrams offre, lors du panel de conclusion de la conférence, une exploration de certains thèmes qui ont continuellement émergé à travers les différentes interventions lors d'une conférence sur l'immigration.

In this article Kerry Abrams offers an exploration of some themes that have consistently emerged through the various talks during a conference on immigration during the concluding panel of the conference.

Notre droit de l'immigration est un sujet complexe et politiquement chargée. Grâce à celui-ci, nous déterminons qui peut entrer dans le pays et sous quelles conditions, qui peut rester et qui doit quitter. Nous l'utilisons pour définir le groupe de personnes admissibles à devenir citoyens américains. Nous permettons à des familles qui ont été séparées d'être réunies. Nous améliorons notre compétitivité mondiale par l'admission de personnes avec des compétences, des talents et des ambitions entrepreneuriales. Le droit de l'immigration nous permet également de fournir une aide humanitaire en énonçant un cadre pour l'obtention du statut de réfugié. En bref, le droit de l'immigration est un mécanisme important pour façonner l'avenir de notre pays.


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