Immigration policy

Certains pays et partis politiques européens n’ont pas tardé à faire l’amalgame entre les attentats de Paris et la crise des migrants. Le nouveau ministre des affaires européennes polonais, Konrad Szymanski, en a profité pour expliquer que le parti conservateur Droit et Justice (PIS) allait revenir sur la décision du gouvernement libéral sortant d’accueillir environ 7 500 réfugiés dans le cadre du plan européen de répartition.


Pas d’inflexion dans la politique migratoire : dans son discours devant le Congrès réuni à Versailles, lundi 16 novembre, le président François Hollande n’a pas remis en cause l’accueil de 30 000 réfugiés annoncé début septembre. Trois jours après les attentats qui ont fait 129 morts et plus de 350 blessés à Paris et Saint-Denis, le chef de l’Etat a rappelé au contraire que ceux qui fuient la Syrie ou l’Irak sont aussi des victimes de l’Etat islamique (EI).

The House voted overwhelmingly Thursday to drastically tighten screening procedures on refugees from Syria, seizing on the creeping fear stemming from the Paris attacks and threatening to undermine President Obama’s Middle East policy.

Elizabeth Lopez swam across the Rio Grande 19 years ago to come to America, where she began cleaning houses and raising three daughters in this city of swaying palm trees at the southern tip of Texas.

The Obama administration asked the Supreme Court on Friday to reverse a lower court ruling that blocked the president's plan to defer deportation for as many as 5 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

Slovenia began erecting a razor-wire fence at its border with Croatia on Wednesday to stem the inflow of migrants, as winter closes in and countries to the north tighten their own border controls.

Along the Sahara trail that tens of thousands of Africans take each year to reach the shores of Italy, Europe is paying for a pit stop, of sorts — one that it hopes will give these young people on the move a reason to go back home.

The European Union was closing in on a deal Wednesday to return more migrants to Africa, but there was skepticism that the plan would meet the goal of reducing the numbers of refugees arriving in Germany, Scandinavia and other destinations.

President Obama’s plan to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation may be in legal limbo, but that’s not stopping advocates for the undocumented, who are planning a new wave of events celebrating the initiative’s one-year anniversary.

Somewhere right now, in a refugee camp in Amman or a rental apartment in Beirut or on a street in Istanbul, sits a Syrian hoping to be among the 25,000 people resettled to Canada, possibly by the end of the year. United Nations staff working with the Canadian government to figure out who will be on the planes or ships dispatched to the region in the coming weeks say they are trying to keep expectations realistic.


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