Les couples mixtes sous haute surveillance

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Les couples mixtes sous haute surveillance

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The various technics used to control mixed marriages that have been instituted in the last few years by many European countries were developed in a migratory risk management logic instead of being developed to allow the exercice of a fundamental right - the right to live with family - let alone to promote integration of migrants to host societies.

If marriage migration was a marginal migration trend in the years following the end of World War II, it has become, in the last few years, the target of many political speaches, as family reunification slowly became the principal legal way of entry into European countries and the United States. The expression "marriage migration", which is a form among others of family reunification, is here used to refer to the processus by which the relation between a legal resident and a resident from another country is considered as the legal basis of the admission.


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  • Anne-Marie D'Aoust, «Les couples mixtes sous haute surveillance», Plein Droit, no 95, décembre 2012, p. 15-18.