Socio-Legal Studies in a Transnational World

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Socio-Legal Studies in a Transnational World

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The concept of transnationalism refers to border-crossing activities and social relations, such as family relations, migration, international trade and international organisations. This special issue looks at the relevance of such developments to socio-legal studies. (...) In the introduction to this special issue we explain the relevance of transnationalism to socio-legal studies and the usefulness of the sociology of law for studying transnational law and transnational processes; we also discuss three challenges that transnationalism poses for the sociology of law.
Transnationalism is an important topic in the sociology of law for three reasons. First, the laws that we study are becoming transnational, travelling across borders just as people and goods do. Transnational law refers to legal regimes that cross national borders or regulate activities and events that cross national borders; it is a result of legal developments: the 
transnationalisation of law. (...) The second reason why transnationalism is relevant to the sociology of law is that socio-legal processes, influenced by transnationalism, affect the law. These processes occur in both national and transnational contexts as the result of economic, political and cultural developments: the law under transnationalism (...) A third reason we believe transnationalism is relevant to the sociology of law is that classic socio-legal themes may gain a new and exciting lease of life when usedin a transnational context.


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  • Kloet, J.S. van der, Hart, Betty de, et Havinga, Tetty. "Socio-legal Studies in a Transnational World". Recht der Werkelijkheid, vol.32, no.3, 2011, p.3-7.