Sticky Citizenship

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Sticky Citizenship


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Slippery citizenship is a great metaphor. It evokes the contemporary anxiety that legal status increasingly eludes the grasp of those who need and want it most desperately: harder to get, easier to lose, functionally tenuous even when formally secure. Understandably, we are most preoccupied with the predicament of those who seek citizenship - de jure or de facto - from a recalcitrant state. Nevertheless, I want to explore slippery citizenship's mirror image, which I will call "sticky citizenship". The label applies to situations where a states seeks to stick citizenship on an unwilling recipient or where an individual is stuck with a citizenship she wishes to disavow. This preliminary exploration of sticky citizenship is confined to the former. 


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  • Audrey Macklin. “Sticky Citizenship”, in Rhoda Howard-Hassmann and Margaret Walton-Roberts, ed., The Human Right to Citizenship, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015, p.223-239.