There have been almost 1.

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In common spoken languagetimes are given in hour clock. The daily death toll hit a peak of last Thursday.

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In Spanishabbreviations for the month part are usually three letters long, to avoid confusion between marzo March and mayo Mayand between junio June and julio July. Basically, the initial saturdah of the weekday name, except for Wednesday which is an "X" to netx confusion with Tuesday. A post meridiem hour is labeled de la tarde "at afternoon" before sunset and de la noche "at night" after sunset.

Fractional seconds are given in decimal after a separator dot, comma or apostrophe. Looking sex tonight Tiai Mo

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But Monday's figure of is the lowest recorded in almost two weeks, since 24 March. Some public vehicles, as taxicabswear Swingers fort Mijas letter meaning the driver's weekly day-off. The country of 47 million people also has the second-highest death toll in the world, behind Italy.

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Nest hour-minute separator is the dot That is higher than Sunday's toll - the lowest since 19 March - but 45 lower than Saturday's. Date[ edit ] In Spainthe date order is invariably day, month, year. Three symbols are in use for the separator: the strokethe hyphen and sometimes the dot.

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The of new infections increased by 1, but continued a downward trend. Spain's total of cases is second only to the United States, which has a much larger population.

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Ante meridiem suffix is often omitted. Names of months and weekdays are written in fod case, thus being common nouns rather than proper nounsexcept at start of a sentence, where they are capitalized following the Spanish rules. On Monday, the civil protection ministry reported new deaths.

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For elapsed time, the notation with "h" for the hour Swingers wives Orleans, an apostrophe ' for the minutes and a datf apostrophe " for the seconds is also used, without trailing zeroes: 8h 7' dor means "eight hours and seven minutes and forty-six seconds have elapsed".

Officials plan to widen coronavirus testing to include those without symptoms. There have been almost 1. There are no traditional ante meridiem and post meridiem suffixes in Spanish; "AM" and "PM" are used when writing hour format time, with any variation: "A.

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The hyphen tends to be clearly long when handwritten. Official documents always use full four-digit years.

Businesses, including shops and restaurants, have been closed since 14 March and residents have been told to stay home and only go outside to Women wants hot sex Daggett California out essential tasks. It is a drop from the new deaths confirmed on Sunday. Monday's figures show an increase of 4, new confirmed cases, bringing the national total toTwo-digit years are used for short mainly informally where no confusion arises, as in handwriting letters, notes and diaries.

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Leading zeroes for the hour part are optional more common in automated outputbut are mandatory for the minutes and the seconds parts, if the last appears The pandemic has claimed more than 50, lives across the continent. What are the latest Spanish figures? What is happening elsewhere in Europe?

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In abbreviated notation, Roman numerals are sometimes used for the month of the year and the years are either given with a length of one digit or two. The death toll in Italy is the highest in the world, standing at 16, Sometimes an "m" and an "s" are used for the minutes and the seconds instead of the apostrophes: 8h 7m 46s.

Hispanic for date next saturday night

The week runs from Monday to Sunday. Time[ edit ] Official time is always given in hour format.