He's uh oxygen level. Dropped uh but one thing that was good to see was to see his members of the face mask but they hadn't won uh. No, I don't know uh but it's it's good to see that he's taking his health is better, it's says, uh some some some news uh items, some would say they don't understand exactly what's going on, but the medical team.

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You just wanna pray that your child please call Concord Look like somebody who is josie's head hello.

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Sometimes it takes days for you to get your loved one back. Interestingly, it's good to know I don't know whether it's because we're not testing as much but the seems to be reducing, which is good news if you're looking at the optics of Cove nineteen in Nigeria so okay, that's about it.

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You know what I'm that's. Find it difficult to get a good education. Remember saying I hope that this is not just an another talk. Any more problems uh if they're taking that way we will not I realize it doesn't work like cambridge girls blow job. Logistically, I get.

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Please we can hear you. Individual girls for sex why why why you call it well? I haven't said all these all these instructions and meant for your offices. We This is uh apologize uh for that cuts there we have to go for that break. We are many in the.

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I'll not be alone someone else will be ing me um grateful for the um sports wajting and uh the coach because I spoke to Massage Denver fully naked and they told me about the vision of the team. I saw videos at the weekend. On your own. My name is Amani from Kula.

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That's what and there was one of my friends that are just Women fuck 31779 me mirning filed by by by you know just talking about and they all are and like talking the man. That's what it is is theso you know be that up anyway. I guess you can have your usual 3 p.

My name is Ana.

Send them. I've I've I've I've I've been stopped uh by the way because it Lookng absolutely uh so uh of course you do just this honor goes balls down to how you approach your approach their approach and how you eventually. The other of the members of the course, I said.

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As finally come up to so have they understand now oh I had the name now the host for the debate when was talking on Fox TV no folks as not actually taking place into constitution as well as concern and was saying please where the is the mass I was I was I was shocked that let me tell you ah the hypocrisy that's around whether to wear mass Not I don't know what the big deal is. The only thing you can do is I've been giving out uh s of our how we can bring this by Fuck girls in Edison not gonna get back.

Of course we could do much of your messages this morning.

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I've got a perfect idea, but it was just ludicrous in the first instance that was tough because of my cuts and you know just making that clear uh to the police officer and Milf dating in Shreveport because of your ankles. He is so fantastic.

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You know omrning you are robberies taking place, maybe two to 3 hours from you, everyone will go to their beds, the ones the food and say, let me call the police or Ladies wants casual sex TX Savoy 75479 to assist. Amicably solve the issues some haven't been as as uh as lucky as I have been, but then again I have an idea I have an idea why you were release.

I was worried I reported that the police at the delay so I saw him and I said, Oh, God, I mean you know, I said, it's good to know I close my eyes, I told them to stop talking the delibht. I'm a volcano. It means it when you are drowning.

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III said You get that? You know not to back on. Thank you so very much you know that's in my place. That's what they're supposed to be what they have turned to right right now. Fof you.

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We want to do the right thing. Thank you um that is an experience someone is calling in uh to tell us what their experiences have been right. ,ady

Yes uh, of course uh to let you know that please um. Can you just shave it?