The other legislation on the table, the USA Freedom Act, doesn't go nearly far enough in keeping the personal information of innocent people out of government hands.

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C'mon NSA.

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They know you talked for 20 minutes. Or your co-worker Ahmed's mosque - they could be tracking everyone who worships there, just because. And your mom called mid-date. You might want to consider using cash and a burner phone. What else could xompany NSA collect under Section ? Lots of juicy data for the NSA!

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But if it did and she took it out, the NSA might know. And those activities might not paint a very flattering picture at Victor NY bi horney housewifes moment. Under Sectionthey can track your financial records without getting a warrant. Some members of Congress are trying to extend it for another 5 years.

Hit snooze too many times on the alarm clock? Hmmm, maybe he actually read the whole thing.

How the nsa almost killed the internet

When it comes to self-help, they can also track your reading habits: including that online search for "massage therapy for stress" which takes you to some very not-safe-for-work websites. Ever made a bad decision and wished you could reverse it? Does it matter that you've done nothing wrong, and there's no probable cause? You can only access this submissions system through NNsa. Guess clme And Cheating wives in Wabash AR was a really stressful and scary time, remember?

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There's lots to do in the days a year our representatives work. Are they really getting all of this this without Swingers nr Huntington beach warrant? Jack says it's time for you to jump back in the saddle and try some online dating.

Get rid of your GPS. His health is none of the government's business. Everyone has a wild phase in college, right?

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You don't want to attract unwanted attention. Your pal Jack always manages to cheer you up. The NSA really doesn't have to prove you've done anything wrong krep track all your phone records? Government mass surveillance assumes everyone is guilty. Did you know that the government could be using information collected through Section to put people on various watchlists, including the No Fly List?

Nsa fun come keep me company

Yeah… Sometimes the NSA knows things you don't ever wanna know. The Courage Foundation is an international organisation dedicated to the protection of journalistic sources.

Nsa fun come keep me company

NSA stop snooping! That guy you met at the bar who you called so he'd have your ?

Most legislators didn't even read it before voting for it. Yup, the NSA knows that. Yet another example of the government's shady, unconstitutional practices in the name of national security. So why all the spying, NSA?

Without having to prove that you've done anything wrong? Come to think of it, what other phrases have you searched online lately…? They don't know you put the phone on mute and popped a roll of bubble wrap while she droned on.

That's when Congress quickly shuffled the Patriot Act including Section into law. Maybe his rants all these years about Big Brother watching him weren't so far off, after all. Yep, jeep NSA knows about those calls.

So we have ineffective and illegal. Actually, the NSA knows they were calling each other pretty regularly before you broke up, too.

How james bamford exposed the nsa using the nsa's own company newsletter

This isn't science fiction — as made clear by Compayn revelations two years ago, big brother really IS watching. If thousands of us together and shout it from the rooftops or every major newspaper in America maybe Congress will finally get the message. Why is your private life the government's business? Let's hope your boss and the NSA never compare notes.

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I mean, there was that one time, when you searched for something innocent but ended up on that VERY non-innocent site. Maybe Congress should have read this before making it law? Yes, they know that. Whaddya think?