Pas d’inflexion dans la politique migratoire : dans son discours devant le Congrès réuni à Versailles, lundi 16 novembre, le président François Hollande n’a pas remis en cause l’accueil de 30 000 réfugiés annoncé début septembre. Trois jours après les attentats qui ont fait 129 morts et plus de 350 blessés à Paris et Saint-Denis, le chef de l’Etat a rappelé au contraire que ceux qui fuient la Syrie ou l’Irak sont aussi des victimes de l’Etat islamique (EI).

A défaut d’alternatives électorales, les Cubains continuent à voter avec leurs pieds. Un afflux exceptionnel de milliers de migrants qui cherchent à atteindre les Etats-Unis provoque une crise à la frontière du Costa Rica et du Nicaragua. Le ton monte entre les deux voisins. Réunis mardi 24 novembre au Salvador, les ministres des relations extérieures d’Amérique centrale ne sont pas parvenus à trouver une solution.

When Jordanis Perez fled Havana this spring for the United States, he decided his best chances weren't by boat to Florida, but by a route increasingly favored by thousands of Cuban migrants— by land to Texas.

The House voted overwhelmingly Thursday to drastically tighten screening procedures on refugees from Syria, seizing on the creeping fear stemming from the Paris attacks and threatening to undermine President Obama’s Middle East policy.

Elizabeth Lopez swam across the Rio Grande 19 years ago to come to America, where she began cleaning houses and raising three daughters in this city of swaying palm trees at the southern tip of Texas.

Eight Syrians showed up at a Texas border crossing seeking asylum this week, sparking concern that the U.S. could soon be facing a wave of Syrian migrants across the southern border.

For the second time in a week a group of Syrian migrants presented themselves at a Texas border crossing to seek asylum, evidence some say that more will be making the journey from Europe as anti-Syrian sentiment spreads after the Paris attacks.

Responding to increased fears of terrorism in the United States following the Paris attacks, the House of Representatives passed a Republican-backed bill Thursday that would temporarily freeze Syrian and Iraqi refugees' entry into the United States and revamp the vetting process. The bill passed 289 to 137, with near-unanimous support from Republicans and 47 Democrats backing the measure.

Asylum papers in hand, Raz Mohammad Aryubi recalled his arrival in Austria from his native Afghanistan in spring 2014, and how, at 21, he is now studying for an M.B.A. at the University of Vienna. But his feeling of security in the country he wishes to make his home evaporated, he said, when he saw what happened in Paris.

Slovenia began erecting a razor-wire fence at its border with Croatia on Wednesday to stem the inflow of migrants, as winter closes in and countries to the north tighten their own border controls.


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