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Les musulmanes qui ne maîtrisent pas suffisamment l'anglais pourraient être expulsées du Royaume-Uni, a mis en garde lundi le premier ministre David Cameron, justifiant sa menace par la lutte contre la ségrégation sexuelle.

David Cameron has been accused of stigmatising Muslim women after he announced plans to help them learn English and warned that migrant spouses who fail language tests may have to leave the UK.
Announcing the plans on Monday, the prime minister suggested the language classes for Muslim women could help stop radicalisation.

La Norvège a annoncé mardi son intention de refouler tous les réfugiés arrivant d’un autre pays de l’espace Schengen, en premier lieu la Suède, affirmant viser une politique d’asile « parmi les plus sévères en Europe ».

Gov. Chris Christie has opposed the entry of any Syrian refugees into New Jersey, but he has no control over the federal resettlement program.

The White House announced changes Monday to the government’s visa-waiver program to try to stop those who have visited conflict zones from easily boarding American-bound commercial flights, a move intended to prevent an attack in the United States similar to the ones that struck Paris. But the new measures — which include potentially higher fines for airlines that fail to verify their passengers’ identities and increased information-sharing between countries — are limited, and White House officials acknowledged that they would need Congress to pass legislation to further tighten controls.

More than half of the nation’s governors say they will not accept Syrian refugees in their states, but they may have little choice. States cannot pick and choose which refugees to take in, federal officials with the Health and Human Services Department’s Office of Refugee Resettlement warned in a letter sent out last week. If they deny services to any group of refugees, states may risk losing resettlement funding altogether.

Ecuador announced Thursday that it will begin requiring Cubans to get entry visas beginning Tuesday, seeking to discourage the flow of migrants. Deputy Foreign Minister Xavier Lasso said Ecuador wants to curb the flow of migrants who have been using Ecuador as a transit country to reach other nations

Le Congrès américain, à majorité républicaine, se préparait mercredi à légiférer pour durcir les conditions d’admission de réfugiés en provenance de Syrie et d’Irak et des élus appelaient aussi à une réévaluation du programme d’exemption de visas pour les touristes européens.

In a November 17 broadcast on Fox News, Charles Krauthammer floated the possibility of exercising selectivity in admitting Syrian refugees: "Given the new circumstances, you allow the women and the children and the men over 50," he said as a way of providing Americans some security assurances while still accepting some refugees. It's a noble sentiment, and superficially attractive, but in the end, I think, unworkable. Here's why.

Les Etats-Unis en accueillaient déjà très peu, mais les républicains -et certains démocrates- ont voté jeudi pour restreindre leurs arrivées, de peur qu'ils cachent des jihadistes. Obama mettra son veto à cette loi si elle est adoptée par le Sénat.


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