Immigration policies

Greece’s government on Monday said it is preparing a rent-assistance program to help the growing number of migrants in the country who are faced with the oncoming winter and mounting resistance against their arrival elsewhere in Europe.

At the end of a contentious summit, European and Balkan leaders committed early Monday to add capacity for receiving about 100,000 more migrants to help ease the plight of the tens of thousands coming from Syria and beyond and moving across the Balkans toward the European Union’s heartland. 

With freezing weather setting in, tens of thousands of migrants surging across Europe could face even more hurdles after European Union leaders pledged to stem their flow by introducing tighter border controls.

A day before a European summit on the migrant crisis, Slovenia’s president demanded immediate action from the EU and tempers flared at one overcrowded refugee center as thousands more asylum-seekers poured into the tiny Alpine nation. 

Two U.N. experts on the human rights of migrants warned Friday that force will not stop Europe’s migration crisis or deter smugglers.

The U.N. refugee agency sounded the alarm Friday about vulnerable women and children who are among hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants pouring into southeast Europe, saying it has received reports that some are being forced into sex to pay their way onward.

"The leaders of Greece and other countries along the main migrant trail to affluent parts of Europe agreed late Sunday to set up holding camps for 100,000 asylum seekers, a move that Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said would help slow a chaotic flow of tens of thousands of people seeking shelter from war or simply better lives."

On deadline to improve immigrant family detention centers, Obama administration officials said they had converted the facilities into short-term processing sites, holding more families in recent months but for less time. Immigrant advocates, however, say that conditions at the centers remain prison-like, with inadequate medical and legal services, despite a federal judge's orders. 

"Slovenia said it will consider all options, including fencing off its border with Croatia, if European leaders fail to agree a common approach to the migrant crisis as thousands stream into the ex-Yugoslav republic. Migrants began crossing into Slovenia last Saturday after Hungary closed its border with Croatia. The Slovenian Interior Ministry said that a total of 50,400 had entered the country since Saturday, and some 10,300 are at the moment in the tiny country."

"Le seuil des 500 000 migrants et réfugiés arrivés en Grèce a été franchi, a indiqué mardi le Haut-commissariat de l'ONU pour les réfugiés à Genève, lors d'un breffage à l'ONU. «Ce seuil a été franchi hier avec l'arrivée dans les îles de la mer Égée d'environ 8000 personnes, portant le total à 502 500», a déclaré Melissa Fleming porte-parole du HCR. Désormais, le nombre total d'arrivées en Europe via la Méditerranée est supérieur à 643 000 personnes, a-t-elle ajouté."


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