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More than half of the nation’s governors say they will not accept Syrian refugees in their states, but they may have little choice. States cannot pick and choose which refugees to take in, federal officials with the Health and Human Services Department’s Office of Refugee Resettlement warned in a letter sent out last week. If they deny services to any group of refugees, states may risk losing resettlement funding altogether.

Ecuador announced Thursday that it will begin requiring Cubans to get entry visas beginning Tuesday, seeking to discourage the flow of migrants. Deputy Foreign Minister Xavier Lasso said Ecuador wants to curb the flow of migrants who have been using Ecuador as a transit country to reach other nations

The governments of Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are all jockeying to be the main source of the 25,000 Syrian refugees to be selected for Canada’s new resettlement program. Close to four million Syrians are currently living in UN refugee camps, informal settlements, on the streets and in crowded apartments in those three countries, straining the resources of each. But Michelle Cameron, Canada’s ambassador to Lebanon, said the eventual breakdown of how many refugees are selected from each of the countries will depend on one thing — who needs resettlement most.

Pour être en mesure d’offrir aux réfugiés syriens plus qu’un simple « sourire », Ottawa rajuste le tir quant à la date d’arrivée et le type de parrainage des quelques 25 000 personnes qu’il compte accueillir. Ainsi, seulement 10 000 réfugiés arriveront avant la fin de l’année. Les 15 000 supplémentaires devraient pouvoir s’établir en sol canadien d’ici la fin du mois de février 2016.


The federal government will include gay men among the Syrian refugees it brings into Canada as part of a plan that puts the focus on accepting women, children and families. The Citizen has learned that while the Liberal government, because of potential security concerns, will not accept lone males — at least during the first wave of migrants — this approach will come with an important caveat. The government is sensitive to the fact that gay men escaping violence in the region could be persecuted, so they will be permitted to come to Canada.

The government will resettle only about 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year, or less than half the 25,000 promised by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the election campaign. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship officials revealed the shortfall on Tuesday, as they presented the government’s plan for bringing the Syrian refugees to Canada. The entire 25,000 won’t arrive in Canada until the end of February, the officials said. The effort will cost as much as $678 million over six years.

A teenage refugee from South Sudan is suing the British Columbia government alleging the Children’s Ministry is responsible for him enduring solitary confinement for four months. The youth, known in court documents as K.C., filed a civil claim in B.C. Supreme Court this week alleging his rights were infringed during imprisonment at the Burnaby Youth Detention Centre.

Des pays des Balkans filtrent les migrants par nationalité, interdisant à ceux venant de pays où il n’y a pas de conflit de poursuivre leur route vers l’Europe occidentale, ce qui provoque une file d’attente de centaines de migrants à la frontière gréco-macédonienne.

L’État français devra procéder à des aménagements sanitaires dans la jungle de Calais, un campement du nord de la France où 4500 migrants vivent dans l’insalubrité, en vertu d’un jugement rendu lundi par la plus haute juridiction administrative du pays. Les conditions de vie dans le bidonville sont « bien de nature à exposer les migrants […] à des traitements inhumains ou dégradants », a estimé le Conseil d’État, confirmant un jugement similaire rendu début novembre par un tribunal de Lille.

Les Etats-Unis en accueillaient déjà très peu, mais les républicains -et certains démocrates- ont voté jeudi pour restreindre leurs arrivées, de peur qu'ils cachent des jihadistes. Obama mettra son veto à cette loi si elle est adoptée par le Sénat.


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